The Kensington

Award Winning Seafront Guest Accommadation Great Yarmouth

Wine List

White Wine

A dry full bodied white wine with a hint of oak 12.5% alc./vol. £12.95

A popular medium white wine with a delicate aroma 9% alc./vol. £12.95

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
An elegant and fruity white wine 13% alc./col. £16.95

Gallo Pinot Grigio
This wine combines ripe apple and pear flavours with hints of citrus 11.5% alc./vol. £13.95

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon
A smooth bodied red wine 13% alc./vol. £12.95

Oyster Bay Merlot
An elegant and assertive red wine with glorious fruit flavours 12.5% alc./vol. £16.95

Jacobs Creek Grenache Shiraz
A medium bodied red wine with lively red berry flavours and hints of spice 13.8% alc./vol. £14.95

Rose Wine

White Zinfandel Rose
A light bodied blend of watermelon, cherry and raspberry 8.5% alc./vol. £12.95

Sparkling Wine

A lightly sparkling fruity wine ideal for any celebration 10.5% alc./vol. £14.95

Sant’Orsola Moscato
Semi sweet, Frizzante wine made from the Moscato Bianco grapes in Asti 7% alc./vol. £12.95